Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fall 1908

Turkey has been eliminated as there was no possible retreat from Constantinople.

England dislodged from Denmark (not shown on map)

NOTE - To produce full map England's Fleet dislodged from Denmark was removed. If it is not chosen to be disbanded it will be added back in when all build orders are complete.

Germany +1
France +1 ***updated***

England -1

Fall 1908 Orders

Turkey (Turkey Finally has Collapsed!):
The Mighty Turkish Army in Constantinople Attacks Bulgaria.

Civil Disorder!

A Smyrna to Constantinople
F Ankara Support A Smyrna in Constantinople
F Black Sea Support A Smyrna in Constantinople
A Warsaw - Moscow
A Silesia - Warsaw
A Bohemia - Vienna

F Tunisia - Ionian Sea
F W. Med. - TYN
A Tyrolia - Venezia
A Piemonte s A Tyrolia - Venezia
F Belgium - Holland
F Liverpool - Irish Sea
F Clyde - NAt
A Edinburgh Holds
A York Holds
A London Holds

A Kiel - Denmark
F Sweden S A Kiel - Denmark
A Munich - Kiel

Fleet Roma-Tyrhennian Sea
Fleet Napoli support Fleet Roma-Tyrhennian Sea
Fleet Adriatic Sea-Ionian Sea
Army Bulgaria support Army(turkey) Constantinople
Army Ukraine-Stevastopol
Army Rumania Support Army Ukraine-Stevastopol
Army Budapest Support Army Vienna
Army Vienna Hold
Army Trieste support Army Venezia
Army Venezia hold