Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spring 1907

Russian army in Constantinople forced to disband as there is no possible retreat
France (as predicted) must fall back from Liverpool to Clyde.

Oders for Spring 1907

A Smyrna - Constantinople

Silesia to Munich
Berlin S Kiel Holds
Armenia to Smyrna
Constantinople S Armenia to Smyrna

F Denmark to Norway
F Kiel Holds
F North Sea to Edinburgh
A Wales to Liverpool
A York S A Wales to Liverpool

F Saint Petersburg - Gulf of Bothnia
A Holland - Hold
A Munich - Hold
A Ruhr S A Munich - Hold

Army Rumania-Stevastopol
Army Bulgaria Support Army (Turkish) Smyrna-Constantinople
Armies Budapest, Trieste, Galicia and Greece all Hold
Fleets Napoli and Ionian Sea Hold

A London holds
F English Channel s A London
A Liverpool - Edinburgh (retreat into Clyde due to losing Liverpool - pretty sure I lost it)
F NAt - Liverpool
F Mid Atlantic - Irish Sea
A Belgium s A Holland (German)
F tyn holds
F Brest - Mid Atlantic
A Marseilles - Piemonte

Monday, July 11, 2005

Final Map 1906

Fall 1906 - Final

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Disband/Build Orders

disband my fleet.... like it matters at this point

Disband Army in Helgoland Bight

Build F in Brest
A in Marseilles

army trieste
army budapest

Army Warsaw

Turkey has more important things to worry about then your little

(Courtesy of Turkey...)

Ankara 07/08/05 - A village in eastern Turkey is cursing its luck after losing 400 sheep, which were killed after falling into a ravine, the Radikal newspaper reported on Friday.

Shepherds from Ikizler were having their breakfast on Thursday, leaving the flock of 1 500 sheep alone.

One of the sheep tried to jump across a 15-metre-deep ravine.

The rest of the flock followed, with the first 400 being killed. The rest had a "soft landing", the Radikal article stated.

The incident represents a huge monatary loss of around 100 000 Turkish lira for the village. - Sapa-dpa