Thursday, April 14, 2005

TOP SECRET - Austria-Hungarian Army Field Manual

Shown below are samples taken from the classified Austria-Hungarian Army Field Manual. Please note that these images show the Austria-Hungarian troops in practice gear. Field or battle ready gear is much more flasher and would make any mardi gras parade marshal jealous.

Russia Beware

Heads up Russia. Someone from Truro, England was looking for maps of St. Petersburgh.

[This is the first hit this page has received via a search engine. We are #33 when you enter MAP ST. PETERSBURGH RUSSIA at ]

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Results Spring 1901

Appologies for the crappy map. I will update with large ledgible Map some time tonight.

Here are the submitted moves:

A Liverpool-York
F London-North Sea
F Edinburgh-Norwegian Sea

F Kiel - Denmark
A Berlin - Kiel
A Munich - Ruhr

Fleet Trieste-Venezia
Army Vienna-Galicia
Army Budapest-Serbia

A in Marseille - Spain
F in Brest - Gascony
A in Paris – Picardy

Army Smyrna - Armenia
Army Constantinople - Bulgaria
Fleet Ankara - Black Sea

Move Fleet from coast of Saint Petersburg to Gulf of Bothnia.
Move Fleet from coast of Stevastopol to coast of Rumania (Invade Rumania)
Move Army from Moscow to Stevastopol
Move Army from Warsaw to Ukraine


*** NOTE: An unsuccessful order is underlined ***

(special thanks to Russia for writing orders as a cute short story...sorry no extra points!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Orders due

This is a reminder to everyone who have not yet submitted their moves (this means you too Paul), that they are due today. I will not be posting reminders regularly as it is not my job to babysit you guys. We're all adults, and if you forget, that's your problem and you'll have no one to blame but yourselves. In the event that you do forget, you better not screw up this game by not playing any more (this means you too Paul). Accept your mistake and move on.

Thank you, and stay classy San Diego (this means you too Paul)

Additional Info

For those of you who can't find the side of the page (this means you Paul)
The email address for submitting is:

Also if you could enter subject line as(ORDERS/ RETREAT ) (SPRING/FALL) (Current Year) this turn would be ORDERS SPRING 1901 that way orders from previous turns will not be confused with new orders. If you screw something up or change your mind just submit your orders again. The last received email will be used.

Monday, April 11, 2005


I guess because I am Russian it is expected that I will be rude and loud, therefore I will state the following: FUCK YOU ALL!!! THE MOTHERLAND WILL NOT FALL. ANY WHO ATTEMPT TO INVADE HER WILL BE DESTROYED BY HER BRAVE, MIGHTY ARMY AND SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY. Actually it is more likely that the Russian army will kill their livestock and burn down their villages making it impossible for their enemies to find food and shelter, and they will probably use less honorable tactics such as gorilla warfare, picking away at your armies as they freeze to death during the cold winter. Anyway good luck and play fair.


Paul The Great

Open Season

I've invited everyone (check your email you provided) playing to become contributors to this site. That means you can now create your own posts.

Bring on the mud slinging.