Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fall 1907

England dislodged from Liverpool into only possible place - Clyde

NOTE - To produce full map England's Army in Clyde was removed as was Germany's army in Holland. These will be added back in when all build orders are complete.

France +1
Austria-Hungary +2
Russia +1

England -1
Germany -1

Orders for Fall 1907 (Well, at least it lasted this long)

Russia: Civili Disorder!

England: Civil Disorder!

A Clyde - Edinburgh
A London - York
A Belgium - Wales
F English Channel c A Belgium - Wales
F Irish Sea - Liverpool
F NAt s F Irish Sea - Liverpool
F Mid Atlantic holds
A Piemonte - Tyrolia
F TYN - Tunisia

F Gulf of Bothnia - Baltic Sea
A Holland - Kiel
A Munich - Hold
A Ruhr S A Munich - Hold

Army in Constantinople Holds.

Army Trieste-Venezia
Fleet Napoli-Rome
Fleet Ioinian Sea-Tunisia
Army Budapest-Serbia
Army Galicia Hold
Army Greece-Albania
Army Bulgaria support Army (Turkey) Constantinople
Army Stevastopol-Rumania

Monday, July 18, 2005

Spring 1907 - Final