Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fall 1906 -Revised (again) - Hopefully for the last time

Please check the map again. I had an order entered in A Berlin S F Baltic(Bal) to Kiel as A Berlin S F Black Sea(BLA) to Kiel. which was coming up as illegal. Sorry for the minor dyslexia.

Hopefully it is correct. Let me know ASAP if it isn't

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Fall 1906 - Oh The Carnage - Look Away Children

France +2
Austria-Hungary +2
Russia +1

England -1
Turkey -1

Germany's army in Kiel was destroyed as no possible retreat was available. It made a small poof and put out a little cloud smoke that smelled like bratwurst.

Turkey's armies in Armenia and Ankara were destroyed as no possible retreat was available.
*note Germany is +1 but has no build centers available.


Please Note: Due to absences by Paul, Mike and myself for this week, the moves for Spring 1907 (yes, I can't believe the game went this long) will be postponed for next week. Retreat/Build Orders are still due by Friday. Orders for Spring 1907 are due Tuesday July 12 at regular time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Good luck to all of you for the rest of the game (except for Paul and Joey).

Orders: Fall 1906

A London holds
F English Channel s A London
A Liverpool - Edinburgh
F NAt - Liverpool
F Mid Atlantic - NAt
A Belgium s A Holland (German)
F tyn holds

Fleet Adriatic Sea-Ionian Sea
Fleet Napoli Support Fleet Adriatic Sea-Ionian Sea
Army Serbia-Bulgaria
Army Greece support Army Serbia-Bulgaria
Army Budapest-Rumania
Army Galicia Support Army Budapest-Rumania
...sorry Paul...
Death to Russia!

F Helgo to Holland
F Baltic to Kiel
F Denmark S F Baltic to Kiel
A York to Edinburgh
F North Sea to London
A Wales to Liverpool

F Livonia - Saint Petersburg SC
F Kiel - Holds
A Munich S F Kiel - Holds
A Ruhr S F Kiel - Holds
A Holland S F Kiel - Holds

A Silesia to Munich
A Berlin S F Baltic to Kiel
F Black Sea to Ankara
A Armenia S F Black Sea to Ankara
A Constantinople S F Black Sea to Ankara
A Bulgaria S A Constantinople

Army in Smyrna Attacks Army in Constantinople
Army in Ankara Attacks Army in Armenia
Fleet in East Med moves to Ionian Sea