Saturday, June 18, 2005

Retreat/Disband Orders End of 1905

Army in Warsaw

Army in Kiel Retreats to Ruhr
Army in Bohemia Disbands

Army Vienna
Fleet Trieste

Disband A Tuscany

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Fall 1905

German is dislodged from Kiel. Retreat or disband order required.

    Build / Disband
Russia +1
Austria Hungary +2

France -1
German -1

Orders: Fall 1905

F Denmark S F Baltic to Kiel;
F Helogland Bight S F Baltic to Kiel
F North Sea to Holland
A Norway to St. Petersburg.
F Sweden to Baltic Sea
A Wales to Liverpool

F Baltic to Kiel
A Warsaw to Prussia
A Rumania S A Bulgaria
A Armenia to Ankara
F Black Sea S A Armenia to Ankara

Fleet Ionian Sea-Naples
Army Budapest Support Army Serbia
Army Serbia Support Army Greece
Army Greece Hold

Army in Ankara Holds
Army in Constantinople Supports Army in Ankara Hold
Fleet in Aegean Sea moves to East Med.

F Livonia - Saint Petersburg
F Prussia - Berlin
A Kiel - Hold
A Holland S A Kiel - Hold
A Munich S A Kiel - Hold
A Tyrolia - Bohemia

F NAt c A Spain - Clyde
F Mid Atlantic c A Spain Clyde
F English Channel c A Brest - Wales
A Spain - Clyde
A Brest - Wales
F Tunisia - Tyrhennian Sea
A Tuscany holds
A Belgium s A Holland (German)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005



Final Spring 1905

I got your map right here (grabbing crotch)

The labelled map will be up around 7pm EST if you want to wait for it but this should work.

UPDATED...If it's wrong, use another map!