Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Spring 1908

Disbanded - no possible retreat
A - York
A - Clyde

Phew, Game Still A Go! Orders for Spring 1908

A Holland - Kiel
A Munich S A Holland - Kiel
F Baltic - Sweden

England: State of perpetual flux and civil disorder!

A Edinburgh s A Wales - York
A London s A Wales - York
A Wales - York
F English Channel - Belgium
F NAt - Cylde
F Liverpool s F NAt - Clyde
A Tyrolia s A Marseilles - Piemonte
A Marseilles - Piemonte
F Mid Atlantic - West Mediterranean
F Tyn - Tunisia

A silesia to bohemia
A Berlin to Silesia
A Smyrna to Constantinople
F Ankara Support A Smyrna to Constantinople
F Stevastopol to Black Sea

Fleet Trieste-Adriatic Sea
Fleet Ionian Sea-Napoli
Fleet Roma Support Fleet Ionian Sea-Napoli
Army Albania-Trieste
Army Venezia support Army Albania-Trieste
Army Bulagria Support army (Turkey) Constantinople
Army Vienna Hold
Army Serbia-Budapest
Army Galicia-Ukraine
Army Rumania support Army Galicia-Ukraine

Army in Const Holds... and prays for support!

Game is Dead!

I think this game is over (Thanks Paul). Russia never submitted his orders (for the 2nd straight time). I say we start a new game. What do you think? (Mike, Mike, Rui, Darcy only please). If you know any COMMITTED people to play this game, we will need a few extra players. Please provide feedback.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Due to work commitments, England will remain in Civil Disorder for the remainder of the game. Though Mike could take over the Nation, it would not be fair to others who have already submitted their moves as the strategy would change. If he wishes, he can take over in the following year. Any comments, please feel free to post.

Game is on!!!!


Build/Retreat Orders:

Germany: Keep Army in Holland
Disband Army in Ruhr

England: By default disbands F Kiel

France: Build A Marseilles

Russia: fleet in stevastopol

Austria-Hungary: Fleet Trieste
Army Vienna

Monday, July 25, 2005

Game Over?

Everyone please post a comment to this entry to indicate whether you want to call this game or not.