Thursday, April 21, 2005

Orders and Map Fall 1901

Here we go. It took a little doing but it's up.


F Norweigan Sea to Norway
F North Sea to Skag
A York Hold

Move Fleet from coast of Rumania to coast of Bulgaria (Invade Bulgaria).
Move Army from Ukraine to Rumania
Move Fleet from Golf of Bothnia to coast of Sweden (Invade Sweden)

Army in Bulgaria Supports Army from Apulia to Greece
Army in Armenia Attacks Stevastopol
Fleet in Black Sea Attacks Rumania

A Apulia to Greece
F Ionian Con A Apulia to Greece
A Venezia to Trieste

Fleet Trieste-Venezia
Army Galicia-Vienna
Army Serbia Support Fleet(Russian) Rumania-Bulgaria(East Coast)

A Spain - Portugal
F Gascony - Spain (NC)
A Picardy – Belgium

F Denmark - Sweden
A Kiel - Holland
A Ruhr S A Kiel - Holland


England + 1
Russia + 1
Turkey + 1
Austria-Hungary + 1
Italy + 1
France + 3
Germany + 2

Please submit your new force(s) placement as soon as possible. Updated map to be used for Spring 1902 to be posted late Friday Night.


  • Ahh much better.

    Hey you guys up north! England, Germany... you better look behind you cause France is growing a little to fast. The last thing we want is all of Euorpe to smell like cheese and cheep wine.

    By Anonymous Chicken a la King, at 8:39 AM  

  • I resent that. We bathe once a month, and the armpit hair we let women have causes the smell to be less pungent.

    By Blogger Bacala, at 10:02 AM  

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