Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Phew, Game Still A Go! Orders for Spring 1908

A Holland - Kiel
A Munich S A Holland - Kiel
F Baltic - Sweden

England: State of perpetual flux and civil disorder!

A Edinburgh s A Wales - York
A London s A Wales - York
A Wales - York
F English Channel - Belgium
F NAt - Cylde
F Liverpool s F NAt - Clyde
A Tyrolia s A Marseilles - Piemonte
A Marseilles - Piemonte
F Mid Atlantic - West Mediterranean
F Tyn - Tunisia

A silesia to bohemia
A Berlin to Silesia
A Smyrna to Constantinople
F Ankara Support A Smyrna to Constantinople
F Stevastopol to Black Sea

Fleet Trieste-Adriatic Sea
Fleet Ionian Sea-Napoli
Fleet Roma Support Fleet Ionian Sea-Napoli
Army Albania-Trieste
Army Venezia support Army Albania-Trieste
Army Bulagria Support army (Turkey) Constantinople
Army Vienna Hold
Army Serbia-Budapest
Army Galicia-Ukraine
Army Rumania support Army Galicia-Ukraine

Army in Const Holds... and prays for support!


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