Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Game is Dead!

I think this game is over (Thanks Paul). Russia never submitted his orders (for the 2nd straight time). I say we start a new game. What do you think? (Mike, Mike, Rui, Darcy only please). If you know any COMMITTED people to play this game, we will need a few extra players. Please provide feedback.



  • do you really need to post it 3 times?

    I'm in for a new game.

    By Blogger hypnobee, at 8:16 AM  

  • I only posted it once, but the stupid thing screwed up. The site was screwed up and wouldn't refresh the page, that's probably what happened. (For the record, you could've actually provided good feedback)

    By Blogger Bacala, at 8:26 AM  

  • i fixed it. and I don't know what the hell you're talking about..good feedback?

    I said I'm in for a new game what the hell do you want from my golden ticket.

    By Blogger hypnobee, at 8:50 AM  

  • Sorry I had problems sending my orders during the day, so I waited until later that night to send them, but forgot until the next morning. I don't want to stop this game yet.

    By Blogger paulriso, at 9:30 AM  

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