Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Orders: Spring 1906

Army in Constantinople holds
Army in Ankara Suppots Army in Constantinople Hold
Fleet in East Med. Moves to Ionian Sea

Fleet Napoli-Ionian Sea
Fleet Trieste-Adriatic Sea
Army Vienna-Galicia
Army Budapest Hold
Army Serbia Support Army Budapest
Army Greece Support Army Serbia

F Berlin - Kiel
A Holland S F Berlin - Kiel
A Ruhr S F Berlin - Kiel
A Munich S F Berlin - Kiel
F Livonia - Baltic Sea

A Warsaw to Silesia
A Prussia to Berlin
F Kiel S A Prussia to Berlin
A Bulgaria to Constantinople
F Black Sea S A Bulgaria to Constantinople
A Armenia to Ankara
A Rumania to Bulgaria

F Denmark S Kiel Holds
F Helgoland Bight to Holland
A Norway to York
F North Sea C A Norway to York
A Liverpool to Wales
F Baltic S A Prussia to Berlin

F TYN holds
A Belgium s A Holland (German)
F English Channel - NTH
F Mid Atlantic - English Channel
A Wales - London
A Clyde - Liverpool
F NAt s A Clyde - Liverpool


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