Friday, April 01, 2005


Welcome to Diplomacy. Hope you know the rules because I am not going to go over it with you. Orders will have to be submitted here with the following schedule (we will go with orders only once a week initially, and if this is too slow, we can try setting up and agreed schedule for moves twice a week):

Tuesday - Orders are due by 10pm
Wednesday - Updates will be posted on the website with results
Friday - retreats and conflict resolutions will be due by noon (Updates will be posted that night)

If orders or updates are not submitted in time, your coutry and its units will be considered to be in a state of civil unrest as per the rules of the game. This will be your fault and no whining about circumstances that happened.

email address to submit orders: (stupid hotmail wouldn't let me just use "diplomacy" so I had to rip Rui's old address off)