Saturday, April 23, 2005

Due Dates

This is the last turn that late orders (build/move/retreat) will be accepted. The dates and times are on the website for when each pahse is due, if you do not submit it on time from now on, your country will be in civil disorder as per the rules (and you will wreck the game for everyone). The reason these dates are here is to allow time to submit the updated information to you in an acceptable amount of time. The delays that you have seen thus far are due to people submitting their orders late (and we're still waiting for someone to submit their build orders as of right now too). I understand that everyone works and hs things to do, but so do Mike and I, and we have to take care of handling all the updates on top of that. Please remember to send in orders on time in the future.


  • Michelle check your dippy email for my retreat order. very important.

    By Anonymous Turkey Gravy, at 10:05 AM  

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